New Jersey can lead the way

New Jersey has the chance to be a historic leader for clean energy. For years, New Jersey has been laying the groundwork to become one of the first states along the Atlantic seaboard to develop offshore wind. Our state has pledged to get 22.5 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2021, and wind power can help us get there. But the future of New Jersey’s wind power potential is at risk.At stake: Clean energy in our state

Critical renewable energy tax credits are set to expire at the end of this year—credits that are essential to New Jersey’s clean energy future.

With powerful polluters lobbying against them, New Jersey’s Congressmen need to stand up and fight for offshore wind.

We can defend offshore wind power

Polluters may have loud voices and deep pockets, but there is no denying that wind energy has already become a success nationwide—powering the equivalent of nearly 13 million American homes, avoiding as much global warming pollution as taking 14 million cars off the road and supporting 75,000 American jobs.

Wind power has gained bipartisan political and public support that we can mobilize to convince the governor to act. A wind company has already committed to building a wind turbine manufacturing site in South Jersey. Environment New Jersey is bringing together citizens across the state to tell the governor that, after two years, the time to act on offshore wind is now. Join our campaign and send the Governor a message today

Together we can win

Members and supporters like you make it possible for our staff to conduct research, make our case to the media, testify in Trenton and in Washington, D.C., and build the grassroots support necessary to create a clean energy future for New Jersey.

Join our campaign and send your message to Gov. Christie today!

Issue updates

News Release | Environment New Jersey

New Jersey Solar Businesses Ready to Roll with Clean Power

Twenty New Jersey solar businesses issued a letter to the White House today, endorsing limits on carbon pollution from power plants and advocating that solar energy become a focal point of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan.

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Report | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Wind Power for a Cleaner America

Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity pollutes our air, contributes to global warming, and consumes vast amounts of water—harming our rivers and lakes and leaving less water for other uses. In contrast, wind energy produces no air pollution, makes no contribution to global warming, and uses no water. America’s wind power capacity has quadrupled in the last five years, and thanks to wind energy, America uses less water for power plants and produces less climate-altering carbon pollution.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Report Highlights Environmental Benefits of Wind, but New Jersey Off-Shore Wind Program Stuck in Neutral

New Jersey has the potential to reap huge environmental benefits from the development of offshore wind, according to a new report released by Environment New Jersey. If state and federal officials commit to continued progress in launching New Jersey’s offshore wind industry, New Jersey could reduce global warming pollution by 825,000 metric tons in 2018. But this potential can only be reached if the Christie administration moves forward with implementing the state's off-shore wind program.

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Report | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America's Top 12 Solar States

Solar energy is on the rise. America’s solar energy revolution has been led by 12 states, including New Jersey, that have used public policies to open the door for solar energy and are reaping the rewards as a result.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey

Solar Rising: Report Ranks New Jersey Fourth in the Nation in Solar Power

Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center released Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America’s Top 12 Solar States, a new report highlighting a solar energy boom across the country. The report ranks New Jersey 4rd in the nation per capita for solar installations. Although this makes New Jersey one of a dozen states that have led the nation in solar energy with supportive policies, we have slipped from first in the country. Last year, solar capacity in New Jersey grew by 43%, bringing it to a total of 971 Megawatts.

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