At stake: The Delaware River

The Delaware River should be protected for this generation and the next. It is a beautiful river that provides drinking water for millions — and we should not allow fracking, the hazardous new method of gas drilling, anywhere near its waters or tributaries.

Gas drilling is dirty, dangerous and doesn’t deliver. It has been shown to pollute drinking water sources, destroy public lands and scar the landscape. It would pollute the Delaware and its drinking water. However, Gov. Chris Christie has said he supports gas drilling in the Delaware Basin. We need to ban gas drilling in New Jersey and in the Delaware River basin.

If you have been to the Delaware Water Gap, you know what’s at stake. Canoeing on the Delaware. Hiking to Sunfish Pond.

And, even if you've never been to the Delaware, you might be one of the 3 million New Jersey residents who gets their drinking water from the Delaware. There’s no reason that we should allow gas drilling – and its huge rigs, miles of pipelines and cesspools of toxic waste near our drinking water sources.

We need to change the governor's mind

We need to mobilize New Jerseyans across the state to oppose the governor on this issue—and provide enough pressure to change his mind.

We refuse to stand by and let Gov. Christie drill the Delaware – and we have a plan to defend the Delaware River. We’re working to bring New Jersey residents from all walks of life to protect the Delaware. All of us – students, scientists, hikers, teachers, anglers, tourism businesses and New Jerseyans across the state – have something to fight for.

We’ve worked the halls of Trenton on this issue, educating lawmakers and even the governor’s staff about the dangers of gas drilling, and shined a spotlight in the media on this issue.

With your help, we can win for the Delaware

Thousands of you have joined the fight. Across the state, you’re calling or emailing your legislators, signing petitions, spreading the word to family and friends,  and attending the Trenton War Memorial rally in November.

Your activism and our advocacy are a powerful combination. Gov. Chrisite has been forced back on this heels, and he’s not actively engaging in this issue. But he’s not giving up the fight — and neither can we.

We need you to get involved if we’re going to convince the governor to protect the Delaware once and for all. If enough of us speak out, we can ensure that gas drillers won’t become our new neighbors.

Drilling Updates

News Release | Environment New Jersey

In Big Climate Win, President Obama Drops Arctic Ocean From Off-Shore Drilling Plans

In a win for our oceans and climate, the Obama Administration finalized its oil and gas leasing program, which provides protection for the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, from risky oil and gas drilling for the next five years. The initial 2017 to 2022 Outer Continental Shelf leasing plan proposed by the Obama Administration in January 2015 threatened beaches all along the Atlantic Coast, including the Jersey Shore, and both Chukchi and Beaufort Seas in the Arctic Ocean. With the incoming Trump administration, permament protections for our protected oceans becomes even more paramount.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

Gasland’s Trojan Horse: DEP Wetland Hearing on Transco Compressor Station in Burlco Exposes Vulnerability of Gas Pipelines

NJDEP will hold the first of two hearings regarding DEP’s environmental review of the New Jersey Natural Gas pipeline through Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean Counties and its attendant fossil fuel infrastructure. Tonight’s hearing focuses on the proposed Garden State Expansion Transco compressor station, and its application for freshwater wetlands permits to NJDEP to destroy more than six acres of Chesterfield wetlands.
Beyond the environmental threats of the compressor station, which is near residential neighborhoods, it would provide a fossil fuel conduit to transport gas for New Jersey Natural Gas's proposed pipeline through the heart of the Pinelands.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

FERC Dodges Public “Hearings” on PennEast Pipeline By Sequestering Public For Comment

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) kicked off a whirlwind road show of sequestered hearings on the beleaguered proposed PennEast pipeline that would stretch 118 miles across Pennsylvania before bisecting Hunterdon and Mercer Counties on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River watershed. The hearings, in a response to the overwhelming show of public opposition to the PennEast pipeline during the scoping hearings, are intentionally designed to sequester off the public one by one and deprive the public of hearing the statements of their neighbors – as well as the arguments of PennEast company officials. The flawed public hearing process is symbiotic of an attempt to quell public input.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

Christmas Comes Early For South Jersey Gas: BPU Rubberstamps Pinelands Pipeline, Puts Fossil Fuel in the Stockings of the Public, Local Towns and Pinelands Commissioners

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities during their December board meeting voted to approve the petition to approve the South Jersey Gas pipeline through the Pinelands National Reserve to repower B.L. England, a historic coal peaker plant, as a full-time natural gas plant. The decision to approve the pipeline by the BPU and repower the B.L. England will create the largest global warming polluter in South Jersey and circumvents the role of the Pinelands Commission.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center

Clean and Green Forum Puts Focus on Capital City in Debate on PennEast Pipeline, Fracking and the Green Job Economy

A week after PennEast officially applied to FERC to build a massive gas pipeline through Central Jersey, the League of Women Voters of New Jersey, the Citizens Campaign and Environment New Jersey organized an educational forum in Trenton to discuss the potential impact of the PennEast Pipeline and fracking in the Delaware River watershed on Trenton’s drinking water, as well as the economic benefits of long-term green jobs.

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