We Pressured the Obama Administration To Drop Atlantic Coast Drilling Plan

Working together with activists, elected leaders, small businesses and allies, we successfully beat back a plan from the Obama Administration to drill off the Atlantic Coast for oil and gas this March. The drilling plan would have allowed drilling 90 miles from Cape May, endangered the Jersey Shore and tarnished the President’s climate legacy.

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Report | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Shelter from the Storm

New Jersey’s wetlands protect our homes and businesses from damaging flooding while helping to clean our water and provide habitat for wildlife. To safeguard our wetlands, we need to ensure that they enjoy the full protection of the federal Clean Water Act.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

On 5th Anniversary of Gov. Christie’s own Off-Shore Wind Bill, Advocates, Legislators, Businesses, Officials Urge an End to the Delay on Off-Shore Wind

More than 40 organizations, legislators, businesses, unions and local officials delivered a letter  to Gov. Christie today, urging him to make offshore wind power, which has vast potential in New Jersey, a key part of the state’s energy supply, on the 5 year anniversary of his signing the Off-Shore Wind Economic Development Act (OWEDA) into law.

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News Release | Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Off-Shore Wind Letter to Gov. Christie

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Paddling against the wind | Russell Bassett

For Margo Pellegrino — who recently completed a 1,700 mile journey from New York to Chicago in an outrigger canoe — advocating for clean water can be like “paddling against the wind on a windy day.” Now that she’s back home in Medford Lakes, N.J., she’s not slowed down any in her quest to protect our waterways and ensure clean water for all Americans. 

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News Release | Environment New Jersey

Carbon Pollution Wild West No Longer: EPA Carbon Plan Inked, Huge Step on Climate To Tackle Fossil Fuel Plant Pollution

Fossil fuel power plants will pollute 32 percent less nationwide by 2030 and clean energy sources such as solar, wind and energy efficiency will meet more of the state’s electricity needs, according to limits on carbon pollution finalized today that are central to President Obama’s plan to address climate change.

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